Excerpts of Feedback from Parents

Confidence and maturity

·    “This program has done amazing things for D. He has more confidence and feels a part of a team. You are doing wonderful things and I LOVE watching them grow!”

·    “Something else that is very apparent to us since the beginning of her involvement in this program, is the astounding growth of her mental maturity. Also her confidence levels have increased dramatically along with her improving musical skills.  Playing the violin has allowed her to own a little piece of this world, something to call her own. And of that I know she is extremely proud of herself.”

·    “Confidence – this is the area that I have noted as having the biggest Improvement. I was really surprised to see the (Drumline) boys in front of the entire crowd talking about what the program has meant to them.  I think given their age and what some of them were like last year this is incredible.”

·    “M has brought her viola to school for a class discussion twice this year, and played it last year in front of her entire school for the school talent show. During the first class discussion her teacher told me that she not only broke open that self-contained shell that she sometime resides in, but that shell exploded open. M talked about her viola, she explained about the different chords, she told everyone about the difference between a violin and a viola, and she played three songs. When she was finished she said, “And if you all practice really hard, you could someday be as good as me.” For a child who struggles with confidence issues, as soon as she has her viola in her hand, she has a prop for her confidence. And that is thanks to the Harmony Project.”

Community spirit

·    “S has enjoyed the teachers and meeting other students from different schools in Sooke. The fundraising events have been a wonderful experience for the kids, learning valuable lessons on the importance of volunteering and community spirit.”

Friendship and improved school work

·    “I have noticed a huge amount of confidence in D since he started Drumline. Last year he was floundering around in school and was not doing well academically and had no friends. This year is a totally different story. He has formed wonderful friendships with the boys in Drumline and he was on the effort roll and one grade shy of the honor roll. He has thoroughly enjoyed this experience.”

·    “I have to say that Drumline has been an amazing experience and we are so fortunate to have Dr Edwards championing it with this group of students.  It is great to see a program being built and watching A and the other children develop skills, confidence and a love for music.”

·    “I’ve seen more social interaction amongst this group than last year, where they are friends outside of just the practices. I’ve seen more passion towards the music and towards the practices as they feel better in their skill sets. E looks forward to drum line and for the most part to community band as well (although on some days staying to 9 makes for just a bit too long of a day, both for him and for myself).”

·    “She is gaining confidence in herself; she is trying harder in all of her subjects, but especially reading, math and spelling. She is bringing her ideas to the attention of the class, and figuring out ways to problem solve instead of shutting down. Some of this has to do with her level of maturity, but I am crediting her growing confidence in her scholastic achievements to the Harmony Project because she has learned the very valuable lesson of practicing. She can’t expect to be good at playing a song on her viola if she hasn’t practiced it extensively, so why would she be good at reading or spelling or math if she doesn’t practice?”